I’ve always been interested in creating things. Since the moment I had my first Lego, I knew I’d love to work on something like that. After finishing my studies at school, I did a degree in Technical Engineer in Industrial Design at Elisava (Barcelona, Spain 2006).  After that, looking for something more conceptual I made a Degree in Design at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain 2008)witch I finished with distinction.

Since then, I’ve been working as an industrial designer. First at Toni Arola Design Studio and later at BM Lighting Design(both in Barcelona). Then I moved to Madrid to work at the Industrial and Design Consultancy Mormedi  (Madrid, Spain) in really awesome and big projects. Nowadays I’m the Design Manager of Azkoyen Group, participating in projects related with industrial design, manufacturing, user experience and interaction.

I’m creative, pursuit, idea-generator, independent, abstract-thinker and driven I tend to solve problems in a creative way. I often come up with new ideas. I am quite capable of thinking outside the box. I tend to try different ways of working, or work on multiple aspects of a project at a time. I am keen on suggesting new ways of doing things. I am likely to take the initiative. I expect high standards from people around me. I’m unafraid to voice my opinion to help my team’s goals. I’m driven by being successful.