Here is a selection of the most relevant projects that I’ve participated and currently public. Feel free to contact me for more references.

Fenix Aspen

Project made in collaboration with Toni Arola. Fenix is a series of tables and furniture where then main focus is the selecition of materials and the lightness of the assembly. In a market where connectivity is a must, cable management in thin spaces was one of the principle deals. Hidden storage is also a streng … Continue reading Fenix Aspen


Turn an ordinary object into an icon. Through a series of key discoveries within our strategic investigation we confirmed that  there is a considerable opportunity to evolve cigarette vending machines from a design, usability and maintenance point of view. By making vending machines more iconic and flexible in terms of size and customization options venue … Continue reading UNIK

Button Gourmet

A GOURMET EXPERIENCE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Good, healthy food available 24 hours a day, with no need for staff to serve it. That’s Button Gourmet, a flexible solution catering to people’s needs and making on-the-go eating much easier. Project made with Mormedi as project manager, designer and engineer. I also had the oportunity to participate in … Continue reading Button Gourmet

Zen y Zensia

Azkoyen is introducing two new hot beverage vending machine ranges for the Table Top and Free Standing hot beverage segments. These new series stand out for their incredible design, increased autonomy, due to optimized product capacity. Project made with Mormedi as industrial designer and design engineer. Adding value to an advaced product trough design, reducing the external … Continue reading Zen y Zensia


eNest is a mobile personal emergency response device that also tracks the user at all times, and should the user be experiencing an emergency situation, he or she can call for assistance quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the eNest features proactive alarms that will issue an alarm in certain emergency situations when the user is unable to … Continue reading eNest


Recessed or surface mounted lamp IP20 rated for interior with modular structure. modules  consist of a steel plate and multiple aluminium rods. Light designed in participatin with Toni Arola, looking for the minimum expresion of a individual downlight and looking for a impresive look mounting them in together like an inverted fores of vertical lights. … Continue reading Peled