Turn an ordinary object into an icon.

Through a series of key discoveries within our strategic investigation we confirmed that  there is a considerable opportunity to evolve cigarette vending machines from a design, usability and maintenance point of view. By making vending machines more iconic and flexible in terms of size and customization options venue owners will be encouraged to place them more visibly. Improved remote and onsite trouble shooting, easing cleaning and loading access, sizeable slots and vandal proofing are key to improving machine maintenance. Finally from a user point of view a more attractive and consistent design, improved ergonomics and intuitive interaction will be key to raising the quality of the customer experience.

Project made with Mormedi for Philip Morris International as project manager, designer and engineer. I participate in the strategy and research phase too, doing interviews around Austria and Switzerland . The deal was to Providide a 360° experience, a recognizable symbol, something that will not turn out of fashion because it was never part of it.

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